New home workplace with solid oak! By Dennis

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We moved to our new-build home and I immediately created a beautiful new home workplace! 2 Ikea bases with 2 oak carpentry panels that we ordered from you. I can work from home again and am very happy with it!

Solid oak desktop

We ordered 2 desk bases from Ikea and from we ordered 2 oak carpentry panels of rustic oak 26 mm with a 2 mm chamfer on the long side. We placed the planks on the two bases and fastened them with screws. To protect the walls, I glued felt pads to the sides so that the walls cannot be damaged. We coat both planks with transparent lacquer to prevent stains.

The dimensions of the project

The measurements are 214.0 x 60.0 cm for the wide part and 120.0 x 60.0 cm for the extension of the desk.

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