Pimp your TV furniture easily with solid oak, by Erik

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I made our new TV Furniture myself from 18mm MDF Paint Carrier and mounted it floating on the rear and side wall. To give it a sleek design, I opted for handle-less cupboard doors which can be opened by pressing. However, to give the new TV cabinet a warmer look, I finished the top with a eikenhoutenplaat which was delivered accurately to the millimeter by www.SIMATZAGEN .NL. It was a lot of fun to make and we are very happy with the end result!

Go for warmth, go for oak

First of all I made a working drawing of the exact dimensions. Then I made a workbench in the backyard using trestles and old planks on which I sawed the 18mm MDF boards to size using a plunge saw and guide. I put the whole thing together with screws and then filled, primed and painted, after which I attached our new TV cabinet to the rear and side wall with threaded bolts and plugs. Finally, I glued the oak on the top with Polymax High Tax. See the photos for the end result :-)

The dimensions of the furniture

150,0cm x 33,0cm x 30,0cm

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