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To be able to show the products better, I came up with an idea to make a layout in an existing presentation. In the large drawers I placed two small drawers. The difference in wood color is a bit visible, but the result is fine. Everything well cut to size and, as you can see, well packaged with a sticker on each shelf

custom cabinet

Within the current presentation I have made a structure to better present the products. I have placed two racks in the large drawers so that I can use the drawers much better. By having the wood cut to size, I only had work to do on milling the profiles to put the cards in between. Then with corner connectors and glue clamps everything was fixed with black screws. It is black mdf V313 because in terms of color this is close to the current presentation that I have adapted.

The dimensions of the project

The cabinet was 136.0 x 60.0 cm and I put the presentation in that cabinet

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