Retaining wall for TV and speakers, by Merijn

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I have made 18MM MDF a secondary wall where the TV falls very nicely, making the TV seem like a painting on the wall (the 'butt 'of the TV with the electronics is in the wall). The TV is mounted on a wall bracket so that I can easily bring the TV forward and in the secondary wall to adjust something. In addition, built-in speakers are mounted. Because the MDF boards could be miter sawed very nicely by, the result has (I think) become very sleek.

DIY: extension wall for TV and speakers

First I made a frame with spruce beams to attach the MDF platen including two beams for mounting the TV bracket. After this I attached the MDF boards with screws. Cut-out for the back of the TV. Sanding + painting the same color as the walls. Primer was not necessary because I had ordered the MDF including primer. Skirting boards glued with mounting kit. Holes cut for the speakers TV bracket + TV mounted Speakers mounted ready

Custom footing wall

210,0 x 150,0 x 25,0 cm

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