Sleek bathroom furniture made of moisture-resistant MDF, by Peter

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A washbasin base cabinet and a column cabinet. The base cabinet is for an existing sink and was decisive for the size of the furniture. The column cupboard is free-hanging and the size and layout could be freely chosen. Both pieces of furniture are handleless.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First of all, I made a design in FreeCAD (open standard). After approval by housemates, a cutting list was made and a quote was requested from OPMAAT An inventory has also been made of all purchased parts and quotations have also been requested. Orders placed at, Meubelbeslagonline and

After delivery of the MDF, all details have been added by sawing, milling and drilling. The mutual parts were then glued, pinned, screwed and sanded. The satin white paintwork has been outsourced for the 'sleek result'. Finally, assemble everything and place it in the bathroom.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Outside dimensions of the base cabinet:
Height = 60.0 cm
Width = 55.5 cm
Depth = 43.5 cm

Outside dimensions of column cabinet:
Height = 170.0 cm
Width = 40.0 cm
Depth = 40.0 cm

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