Sleek custom TV furniture, by Lejan

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A robust TV cabinet in the maximum size that was possible with us. We've been looking for this for a long time, but never found it. Hence the step to make it yourself.

DIY: MDF TV Furniture

After arrival, the loose parts are lightly sanded and primed. provided with a slat (on which the top will be glued later). Because the cables of the TV etc. enter the hollow plate, there is no slat at the back but a few bobbins. (see photo 6) The bottom plate is attached to the uprights from above with screws. The top plate is then attached to the bottom plate. Made another shelf between the 2 uprights and then painted the whole thing.

The dimensions of the furniture

The piece of furniture is 50.0 cm high, 155.0 cm wide and 45.0 cm deep.

How next?

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