TV cabinet in MDF, by Robert

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I was looking for a solution for the TV and all the wires. These were in plain view and I wanted to conceal them with a sleek TV cabinet.

How did you design and make the cabinet?

I made a sketch that I used with have shared. After a few conversations, the final dimensions were passed on, from which the following solution emerged. The base is made of MDF which I finished with a high-gloss paint. For the hanging shelves I used IKEA LACK as a base to hang them. The finish of the furniture is very neat, the doors open via a pressure system. I have made a few more holes for the cables.

What are the specifications of the cabinet?

Wood type:
Wood type: MDF Lacquered br />Thickness: 9 mm
Height: 53.0 cm
Width: 328.5 cm
Depth: 34.5 cm
Number of open compartments: 2
Number of compartments with double doors: 1 (1x MDF Lacquer support 18 mm)
>Thickness of uprights and beams:
Internal beams: 5.0 cm
Internal beams: 5.0 cm
Outer edges:
Top edge: 8.0 cm
Bottom edge: 5.0 cm
Left edge: 5.0 cm
Right edge: 5.0 cm

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