TV furniture, customized by Karien

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We bought three STUVA cabinets measuring 90 cm by 50 cm at IKEA. Put these together and placed an wooden plank here. This is slightly chamfered at the front so that it forms a slightly rounder / softer whole.

How did you proceed?

It was very simple because we only placed the shelf on the cupboards and 'secured' it with double-sided tape. We will treat the board with a nice clear coat so that it remains beautiful and will discolour less. I have the idea of Pinterest, there are many examples. Due to the wooden shelf, the TV furniture can also be used as a bench. We are very happy with it and the wood is of high quality.

What are the outside dimensions?

The sizes are a total of 270.0 cm long and 51.0 cm deep

How next?

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