Vinyl furniture with search box and drawers/compartments, by Job

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Inspired by other designs on this website, I made this vinyl furniture with a search box and two drawers/doors/open compartments.

I didn't want the furniture to be too low , because I am tall myself, hence the addition of these drawers for extra height compared to many other designs for such furniture. In addition, I opted for narrow panel compartments, so that the panels do not have to absorb too much weight.

Vinyl furniture made of plywood Okoumé

Step 1:
Attach the dividers of the plate compartments with screws to the bottom plate (via the bottom of the bottom plate with screws).

Step 2:
Attach the partition between the drawers with screws to the bottom horizontal intermediate plate (via the bottom of this intermediate plate with screws).

Step 3:
Attach this intermediate plate including the partition to the vertical partitions of the plate compartments (with screws in the top of the intermediate plate).

Step 4:
Screw the parts for the search box to the upper horizontal intermediate plate (via the bottom of this plate with screws).

Step 4:
Screw the upper horizontal intermediate plate including the search box on the divider of the drawers (in the top of the upper horizontal intermediate plate with screws).

Step 5:
Drill dowel holes for the side plates and attach them (with glue).

Step 6:
Finally, glue the top plate in place.

Step 7:
Attach the wheels.

Step 8:
Possibly finish with transparent oil.

The dimensions of the project

111.0 centimeters wide
77.0 centimeters high (including 10 centimeter wheels)
43 .0 centimeters deep

Plate compartments: 5 compartments of 20 centimeters wide x 35.0 centimeters high
Search box: 35.0 centimeters wide x 40 centimeters deep (divided into 2 or 3 compartments) br />Drawers/doors: 9.8 centimeters high x 53.0 centimeters wide
Compartment for the amplifier: 16 centimeters high x 71.5 centimeters wide

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