White bookcase with stairs: The ideal storage project, by Gerard

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3 minutes

A unique DIY project: a bookcase with stairs

Are you looking for an inspiring way to upgrade your living space? Gerard has realized the perfect DIY project; a functional and stylish bookcase that not only provides plenty of storage space for your book collection, but also integrates seamlessly with the stairs in his living room.

The construction of the bookcase

The bookcase is custom made with specialized materials from TOSIZE.ie, a service that allows you to obtain perfectly fitting panels. Gerard chose MDF Blank of 18 mm and 25 mm thick, adding strength and durability to his bookcase. The white finish of the cabinet provides a fresh and modern look that contributes to the feeling of spaciousness.

Why a bookcase in the living room?

Gerard's bookcase is placed in the living room, a place where family and friends come together and where the cupboard really gets the chance to shine. Placing the cupboard along the stairs makes use of often wasted space and brings together style and functionality in an often overlooked part of the home.

Benefits of DIY

Making this project yourself has several advantages. First of all, it offers flexibility in terms of dimensions, so that the cabinet fits perfectly into the available space. Gerard was not only able to determine how large his cupboard should be, but also enjoyed the freedom to choose the material that suits both the style of his interior and his budget.

The style of the bookcase


This white bookcase with stairs has a minimalist design that suits almost any interior style. The project is completely finished and looks beautiful in Gerard's modern home. The simple lines and bright color create a calm and tidy atmosphere in which books and decorative items can show off.

The advantage of MDF Blank

MDF Blank is the chosen wood type for this bookcase and has many advantages. The 18mm thick MDF provides a solid base for the shelves, while the 25mm thick MDF is perfect for the side panels, giving the whole construction a robust look. MDF is also easy to paint, which means that the perfect white result was easy to achieve.

Why MDF Blank is a good choice

For these types of projects, it is important that the The material used is not only strong, but also machinable. With MDF from TOSIZE.ie Gerard has a type of wood that is not only easy to saw and install, but also allows for a sleek finish for his beautiful bookcase.

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How next?

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