Workroom makeover with Finnish fires! By Vincent

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An extra large desk to make working from home more pleasant and to create more space for work materials and a custom-made cupboard to store various items.

Custom desk and cupboard

At the end of 2020, we faced 2 challenges here: less 'space' due to the birth of our daughter and a home workplace that does not yet meet our requirements. That is why I decided to create a desk that, in addition to 2 screens, also gave enough space for an extra laptop, paperwork and a plant! Closet space was also needed. We wanted to store the board games from below and also be able to get rid of administration and other messes more easily and (preferably) have more out of sight. The desk is 2 meters wide and 65.0 cm deep. That had to give enough space. I have raised the screens to improve my working posture. I ordered the frame elsewhere. I wanted it to be adjustable in height. I am very satisfied with this end result! For the cupboard, I ordered bins for the small messes and included the dimensions of these in the design of the cupboard. Just like these bins, I took the size of the binders and board games for the size of the cupboard. Because of this cupboard I have created a lot more peace in our living room and enough space to keep our administration together.

The dimensions of the project

200,0 cm*65,0 cm 145,0 cm*100,0 cm*35,0 cm

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