Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light

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Configure Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light

Product information

  • Lightweight carrier
  • Durably produced
  • Stable board, does not warp
  • Ready-to-use surface thanks to melamine top layer
  • Seamless combination with Duropal and ABS due to colour matching
  • Only for indoor use
  • Edges need to be finished.


Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light is a decorative board with chipboard as the backing. It is often used for fronts, cabinet interiors and wall coverings. The synthetic, melamine top layer means that you do not need to paint this chipboard and makes it easy to maintain. Particleboard with a melamine coating is available in many different colours and structures. There is no difference in properties, other than the colour.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)720
Thickness18 mm
Type Furniture Boards
VariantFurniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light
Application (climate)Indoors
Base / Wood typeChipboard
Application (general)Constructive, Decorative
Top layer typeMelamine layer

Order Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light to size online

Would you like to order a made-to-measure desktop or shelf online? Go to furniture panel and order this panel material online cut to size to the millimetre. We deliver the panel fully customised to your home. Are you curious about the possibilities? Configure your product and you will have your project ready in no time.

Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light: what is it?

Furniture panel is a fully finished board material, in this case with a melamine top layer. Melamine-faced furniture panels are widely used in the furniture industry and are gaining ground due to the versatile textures, colours and possibilities in terms of top layers. The advantage of melamine faced panel material, compared to veneer, is that it is ready to use immediately: no need to finish! This makes the product ideal for use. A melamine top layer is a veneer layer of paper fibres, melted together with a melamine resin. This creates a hard plastic top layer.

Melamine top layer

The furniture panels have a strong and hard melamine top layer, which gives them an attractive appearance and makes the wood durable. The melamine top layer has a high density, which gives it its hard and strong properties. A melamine top layer is water-repellent, easy to wipe down with a cloth and, to a certain extent, heat-resistant. Properties that are very pleasant for every interior application!

The advantages of melamine faced board material again:

  • Ready to use
  • Strong and water-repellent
  • Fixed colour scheme
  • Wide choice of colours and textures

Chipboard carrier

This furniture panel has chipboard as a carrier. This is a popular choice when it comes to melamine faced board material. Its light weight, its structural advantages, its smooth surface and the fact that it has an affordable production method make chipboard a common carrier. The type of chipboard on which the top layer of this product is supplied is ClassicBoard P2 chipboard. A type of chipboard from Pfleiderer. 

A durable choice

Chipboard is made of glued wood chips that are pressed together crosswise in three layers. This makes the board structurally strong as well. In comparison with MDF, coarser chips are used and in comparison with OSB, finer chips are used. The ClassicBoard P2 boards have a composition of 50% post-consumer wood, 35% pre-consumer wood and 15% fresh wood. This makes the ClassicBoard P2 boards a very sustainable choice.

Pfleiderer Thermopal panels sawn to size

There are several producers of melamine faced board material, or board material with a melamine top layer. Pfleiderer is one of them. Pfleiderer offers a wide choice of quality chipboard, MDF and other decorative panels in melamine or HPL on a carrier board. Pfleiderer puts creativity and sustainability high on the agenda. With certifications such as Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze and Blauer Engel (Blue Angel), Pfleiderer's DecoBoard furniture panels are a conscious choice in your project. Other well-known manufacturers of melamine-faced furniture panels include UNILIN or Egger. But there are many more!

Thermopal melamine from Pfleiderer

Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light has a top layer of Thermopal. Thermopal is a Pfleiderer brand name that includes melamine topcoats that are manufactured in a sustainable way. By mixing kraft paper with a high-quality melamine resin, Pfleiderer creates over 150 different decors with the Thermopal range; an impressive collection.

Thermopal is a melamine topcoat and therefore particularly suitable for decorative applications such as cabinet interiors, fronts and wall panelling. For furniture with intensive use or load-bearing functions, Duropal is a better choice. Duropal is an HPL layer and therefore more solid than melamine. The colour matching system allows Thermopal, Duropal and the matching ABS tape to be seamlessly integrated. This allows you to create perfect unity between fronts, wall coverings, desks and many other applications.

The different variants of Pfleiderer Thermopal

Because of the wide range of Pfleiderer Thermopal panels, you sometimes can't see the wood for the trees. The product names have been given a handy structure to ensure that you can easily find the right product. The first letter/number combination always refers to a particular colour. This is also called the Pfleiderer code. The second letter/number combination refers to the structure, and the whole also has a descriptive name. In order to make the right choice for your project, it is useful to study this in depth. Would you like to know everything about the meaning and the name structure of Pfleiderer Thermopal? Then read on in this article about the name structure of Pfleiderer.

Pfleiderer Thermopal sample service

Are you curious about this material? Order a sample on the Pfleiderer website. Assess the material and then have it cut to size and delivered to your home by the online sawmill.

Available thicknesses of Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light

The available thicknesses of Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light are easily selected via the product configurator.

Machining of furniture panels

The great advantage of chipboard with a melamine top layer is that it is immediately ready for use. Furniture panels are good and relatively easy to assemble if you are well prepared. Do bear in mind that melamine is sensitive when you start working with it. When assembling the panel, it is advisable to screw the screws at the back or bottom (make sure not to go through the material!). This way the screw holes are not visible and you avoid visible splinters of the melamine. Are you going to mount on the visible side? Then first place painter's tape on the spot where you are going to process the board. In this way, the tape absorbs the first contact between the tool and the board and the risk of splinters is reduced.

Specific applications of Chipboard furniture panels

Furniture panel is also called melamine-coated or decorative MDF and is widely used for making furniture. It is a versatile product that can be used for many purposes. Think of desktops, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bookcases or shelves. Furniture often has a large surface area and therefore takes a lot of time to finish. By using board material with a melamine top layer, you no longer need to paint the board material and you ensure that everything looks neat and tidy. With the various possibilities of decors and textures, there is a suitable board material for every job.

Alternatives for furniture panels

Is Furniture Board Chipboard F73036 ML Suit grey light not the right type of wood for your job? Do you want the board material in a larger format or in a specific (RAL) colour? Then also take a look at MDF film. You can easily paint this board material in your favourite colour. Or view our other melamine faced furniture panels:

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