Plexiglass-Acrylate GS clear

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Plexiglass-Acrylate GS clear
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Product information

  • 25 times stronger than glass
  • Fully transparent and UV resistant
  • Easier to process than XT sheets
  • 100% UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • More sensitive during processing than GS sheets
  • Can break and splinter
  • Can be expanded by heat


This strong material is just as clear as glass, but much less breakable. Plexiglass-Acrylate is 25 times stronger than glass, cheaper and a lot lighter than glass. In short: the ideal replacement for customised glass. This variant is clear in colour, so you can easily see through it.

Do you still want to process the plexiglass? Then go for this moulded plexiglass variant. Because there is less tension on the plate, you can easily edit it.

Besides the above benefits, the acrylic Plexiglass sheets are weather resistant. This means that they can be used both indoors and outdoors for various applications such as nameplates, bells or as windlights. We cut the panels to size for you and deliver them to your home within a few working days. That is really handy.

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Product properties

Type Plexiglas-Acrylaat
VariantPlexiglas-Acrylate GS clear
Application (climate)Outdoors
Top layer typeAcrylate
Top layer2 sides


  • Glass replacement
  • Illuminated signs
  • Displays
  • Name and signposting
  • Protection
  • Retaining walls to increase the insulation value of glass
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Order acrylic glass GS clear to size

Order kunststof Plexiglass acrylic sheet GS clear sawn to size easily online. Simply enter the dimensions of your plate in the configurator and we will saw it to the millimetre.

Plexiglass acrylate GS clear; what is it?

It is one of the most popular plastics. This is because it is an excellent substitute for glass. It is up to 25 times stronger than glass, making it a lot safer. It is also much cheaper than glass and much lighter. Plexiglass-Acrylate GS is UV-resistant and easy to keep clean. But be careful with scratches. Plexiglass-Acrylate GS has a long life span and is colourfast. Plexiglass-Acrylate GS is also known in the market as acrylic, Perspex or PMMA.

The designation GS stands for the way it is produced. Plexiglass can be cast (GS) or extruded (XT). The Plexiglass-Acrylate XT sheets have a higher stress in the material. Cast sheets have little or no tension. In practice, this makes an XT sheet more difficult to process. The production process of XT sheets is less labour-intensive and therefore the sheet is more affordable.

Available thicknesses of Plexiglass acrylate GS clear

We supply various thicknesses cut to size. The possibilities are: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.

(Self)-processing of Plexiglass-Acrylate GS

  • Sawing: No this is not easy for them. We do it professionally and to the millimetre.
  • Gluing: Yes. Use acryfix.
  • Deforming: yes. Deformation is possible after heating.
  • Sanding: Yes. We recommend sanding the ends with a very fine grain (300 or 400).
  • Drilling: Yes. Always allow 3 mm play around the drill hole for shrinkage and expansion.
  • Punching: No.
  • Cutting: No.
  • Milling: No.
  • Mounting: Yes. Always allow 3 mm play between panels or in corners.

Do you have scratches? Polish them away with copper polish. Handy if you are going to process this material yourself.

Specific applications of Plexiglass Acrylate GS

There are many suitable applications for this type of sheet. The most popular is Plexiglass-Acrylate GS as a substitute for glass. For example, in the case of a hobby greenhouse, windows of a boat, windshields, a display case and so on. Plexiglas is not suitable for horizontal application. View other sheet materials here

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