TSFC020 in MDF Primed

An impression

The right color at your living room

TSFC009 Fiberboard in room
Tsfc001 black oak in room
TSFC009 White in room
TSFC007 Natural oak in room

Customization does not have to be expensive

Your unique cupboard

Make your own mix of open segments and doors

Your unique cupboard

Fits perfectly

Adjust the width, height and depth for furniture that matches your space exactly

Fits perfectly

A suitable color for every interior

Choose the color that best suits your interior

A suitable color for every interior

Product Details

What is included?

  • A personal manual for your customized cupboard
  • All parts are numbered
  • Dowels for simple assembly
  • Wood glue for a strong construction
  • Seat corners for safety
  • All edges are completely finished with a matching tire


  • Freed -to -cut hinge holes
  • Hinges and mounting plates are included
  • Including push-to-open and close system


  • Multiple shelves per box possible
  • Including riding drilling so that you can determine the positioning yourself


  • Milled for invisible adjustment option and simple assembly
  • Adjustable up to 8-12 mm for uneven floors

Strong construction

Each part is pre -drilled and easily falls into the other part

The entire construction consists of solid boards that are attached to each other by Duvel. This creates a stable whole.

  • Fully pre -drilled
  • Sturdy construction

Back wall

Easy to mount in a smart way

The rear walls make the construction strong because they are sandwiched per box. The rear wall is 18 mm thick and is placed tightly at the rear as standard, so that you lose at least space.

  • Handy to hang your TV!
  • Strong connections

More about the material

The basis of your course cabinet

The materials

MDF is one of the most widely used board materials in the construction and furniture industries. It is a strong, dense and even material that is easy to work and finish. The edges are finished with paintable tape as standard.

Its smooth surface and fine properties make it very suitable for finishing with paint. But you can also apply other finishes, such as wallpaper, veneer, concrete veneer or, for example, plastic panels. So you can create your dream cupboard!

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