40mm spruce wood panel dining table with raised top for wheelchair user

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2 minutes


A dining table of which one side has a normal height, bottom of top 73.0 cm. A wheelchair user can sit opposite this, bottom side of the blade is 81.0 cm. The tops are lacquered in an oak color and treated with glitsa. The unequal cross leg is made from a beam of 5.6 cm x 15.6 cm, which is sawn on 2 sides and mounted together with wood glue. The leg is painted satin black. The table is attached to the wall with an angle profile. We made this table because there are no dining tables for sale that are suitable for wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users to eat opposite each other.

Custom dining table top

2 spruce wood carpentry panels of 50.0 cm x 140.0 cm, lacquered with rambo interior lacquer oak, then treated with glitsa. 1 beam of 5.6 cm x 15.6 cm, sawn in on both sides and 1 side made 73.0 cm high and the other side 81.0 cm high. The 2 parts glued together. This is how the uneven cross leg was made, it is primed and varnished. The blades are overlapped by 9.0 cm and fixed to the wall with an angle profile.

The dimensions of the project

140,0 cm x 91,0 cm

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