8 honeycomb showcase for bees, by Jan

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For my beekeeping I have now tackled a new one after the disposal of my first showcase. This time I decided to use 18 mm thick screen printing plates for the outer paneling and doors. At TOSIZE I ordered these with a cut. I received my order on time and precisely tailored. Order, execution and quality were great. I will gladly order material for further projects from here again
The show hive was built according to a blueprint and material list from the bee journal (beekeeping journal). PDF file can be made available after personal message. The loot is a cupboard that can be opened from the front and back. By arranging 4 honeycombs DNM in rows of 2, it is possible to keep bees until wintering. The observation of the legged people is possible from both sides. So that beekeeping is possible, the so-called bee size (8mm) must be observed and therefore precise work is required!
1,15 m x 0,62 m

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