8 honeycomb showcase for bees, by Jan

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After my first display case was gone, I have now started building a new one for my beekeeping business. This time I decided to use 18 mm thick screen-printed panels for the outer cladding and doors. I ordered these cut to size from TOSIZE. I received my order on time and precisely cut. The order, execution and quality were great. I will be happy to order material for future projects here again.

The display hive was built according to a construction plan and material list from the Bienenjournal (beekeeping magazine). A PDF file can be made available after a personal message.The hive is a cabinet that can be opened from the front and back. By arranging 4 DNM honeycombs in rows of 2, it is possible to keep bees until they hibernate. The leg colony can be observed from both sides.In order to keep bees, the so-called bee dimension (8mm) must be observed and therefore precise work is required!

1.15 m x 0.62 m

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