Phenolic Plywood hardwood

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Product information

  • Moisture resistant
  • Suitable for humid areas indoors
  • Hard and smooth surface
  • Very strong
  • Can be used multiple times
  • The edges of the sheet and any drill holes must be adequately protected against the penetration of moisture
  • Less suitable for outdoor applications
  • The wood layer can vary in colour between sheets


Phenolic Plywood Hardwood is a real powerhouse. It consists of hardwood veneer layers glued crosswise and covered with a special plastic epoxy layer on the top and bottom. A strong, externally bonded sheet suitable for many structural applications. This bonding makes the sheet suitable for intensive use in humid areas. Only the edges of phenolic plywood need to be finished, after that you can get straight to work!

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)600
AppearanceSilk gloss
Visual gradingD/D
Thickness18 mm, 9 mm
Type Phenolic Plywood
VariantPhenolic Plywood Hardwood
Application (climate)Outside, if pre-treated
Base / Wood typeHardwood (various)
Application (general)Structural
ColourBeige / Brown
BondingWBP, Exterior
Quality mark70% PEFC
Top layer typePhenolic coating
Top layer2 sides

Order cut-to-size phenolic plywood hardwood sheets online

Phenolic plywood can be the right choice for a wide variety of projects. Would you like to buy cut-to-size phenolic plywood? You can easily order cut-to-size or milled phenolic plywood hardwood with us online. You can specify the desired dimensions directly so that we can cut the phenolic plywood sheets to size for you. We saw and mill phenolic plywood hardwood in various shapes and finishes.

Phenolic plywood hardwood: what is it?

Phenolic plywood consists of plywood with a special plastic epoxy layer (phenolic coating) on the top and bottom. Also called a film. This is a smooth and waterproof layer that allows the sheet to be used for applications that require tougher materials. The core of phenolic plywood hardwood consists of tropical hardwood veneer layers. A sustainable production method. During the production of phenolic plywood hardwood, various tropical hardwood types are externally bonded. This means that the wood is also moisture resistant and the sheet has good resistance to moisture. Because various types of wood are used, not all layers have the same colour. Tropical hardwood is generally less smooth and also less stable than birch. Order phenolic plywood hardwood for structural purposes only. In addition to the core, the colour of the top layer may also vary per sheet.

In short: phenolic plywood hardwood is a real powerhouse and generally the most budget-friendly phenolic plywood variant. The sheet is suitable for intensive use in humid areas. Phenolic plywood hardwood is also known under the names concrete plywood, hardwood phenolic plywood, construction sheet.

Available thicknesses of phenolic plywood hardwood

Phenolic plywood hardwood is available in 18 mm as standard.

Machining phenolic plywood hardwood sheets

It is important to countersink the edges and (screw) holes of phenolic plywood (at least 2 mm) and to finish well with epoxy filler and an edge sealer. Do not over tighten lock bolts. The top layer requires no further post-treatment. Phenolic plywood can splinter during assembly. Use sharp tools and preferably screw at least 2.0 cm from the edges. When these sheets are used outdoors, it is important to treat the sheet edges with an edge sealer to protect the moisture-resistant properties.

Specific applications of phenolic plywood hardwood

Because the plastic layer is applied on both sides, this makes phenolic plywood hardwood resistant to impact. Phenolic plywood has traditionally been used for form work to pour concrete. That's why it is also known as concrete plywood. But because the plastic layer is strong and waterproof, it can also be used very well for other applications. Think for example of a hatch to the basement, a spice trough or an animal pen! Phenolic plywood hardwood is characterized by its strength and moisture resistance. The material is suitable for humid areas both indoors and outdoors. Phenolic plywood hardwood falls into the category of structural sheets. Sheet material with a phenolic resin top layer such as phenolic plywood hardwood is very sensitive to scratching.

Alternatives to phenolic plywood hardwood sheets

Is betonplex hardwood not the right panel material for your job because it is not suitable for visible work? There are several alternatives. For example, go for betonplex birch dark brown for a strong multi-layer panel with a tight, smooth top layer. Or plywood birch white, which has a melamine top layer instead of phenolic resin. The melamine top layer does not need to be finished. Or take a look at our other types of concreteplex:

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