A custom mini-vide as storage space, by Wendy

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2 minutes


Because we lacked some storage space in the house, the idea of a mini-loft was born. Our ceiling is quite high, so why not take advantage of that?

Create storage space with a mini-vide

We have ordered five Underlayment Finnish Spruce plates, of 18 mm from TOSIZE.co.uk, including finishing (rounding at the top, so that the things can be easily removed and the edges do not wear off). In addition, 17 spruce planed 44x44mm beams were ordered. We mounted these beams to the wall using 10cm chipboard screws. Then we created the partition by screwing the beams to a finished plank. Then we made the outside of the skeleton. We didn't want to have shelf supports and corner brackets in sight, so we had to find another way to make the construction as sturdy as possible. We did this by overlaying two beams in the corner (see photo 4). When the frame was finished, we put the planks on top and screwed it to the frame. To strengthen the whole thing even more, we have placed some extra bars between the two long bars.

The dimensions of the project

side 1: 3.15m wide by 2.20m high by 0.60m deep side 2: 3.67m wide by 2.20m high by 0.60m deep

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