A nice play corner from Ikea Smastad and custom pine carpentry panel by Jaimmy

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project, Jaimmy shows how she made a really nice play area for her son Maddox. For this job she ordered a custom-made wood panel in a thickness of 28mm. Read more about her approach and experience below.

Description of Jaimmy

I wanted to create a play corner in our modest living room for my son, where he can enjoy playing and where his toys can be put away out of sight. This was achieved without having to drill or saw yourself. My son likes to sit here, and when we have large visitors we have extra seating by placing cushions on the shelf. For this I put together 2 Ikea furniture, placed a custom-sawn shelf on top with some sliding mats in between.

How I made this project

The play/craft corner consists of 2 IKEA toy boxes from the SMASTAD collection, above I cut 4 parts from an anti-slip mat and placed them on all 4 sides, lengthwise. At this online sawmill I had a plank cut to size that fits perfectly, and I placed it on top of the boxes. This is loose, but does not shift. I screwed the 2 Ikea furniture together and didn't have to do any further work.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The shelf is 300.0 x 54.5 cm and 28 mm thick. Our wall is 350.0 wide.

How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Jaimmy's saw list and complete your order easily.


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