A windowsill with a bookcase

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What have you made?

There was no window sill under a large window in the living room, the window is in a kind of niche. We have therefore made a bookcase that also serves as a windowsill.

How did you make this bookcase?

The outer uprights and the top shelf are mitred. We glued this one. The middle shelf is screwed into the uprights. These fall away in the niche so you don't see anything and the shelf is therefore nice and sturdy. We fixed the shelves in the cupboard with some glue. We attached the cabinet to the back with corner profiles. I painted this one black so that you don't see it anymore.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

The dimensions are: Height: 67.0 cm Width: 219.5 cm Depth: 22.5 cm

How next?

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