A32F Home Cockpit with black MDF, by Jens

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1) Black MDF screen standard for a 34 "screen 2) Pedestal standard to support the throttle quadrant of an Airbus A32F home cockpit

DIY with black MDF

1) Screen standard: measurement around the aluminum frame of the cockpit. The MDF panels were then screwed together. The "piece of furniture" was then partially placed over the cockpit frame and also hides cabling from the cockpit electronics. 2) Pedestal: measurement based on the actual dimensions of an A32F pedestal. The MDF panels were then screwed and glued together. The furniture was then partially pushed into the cockpit frame. Cabling for the electronics was attached to the inside of the "furniture" with tape. Later this piece of furniture will be sprayed in RAL5008.

The dimensions of the project

1) Screen stand: 70.0x40.0x63.2cm 2) Pedestal: 54.2x78.8x44.6cm

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