Bench and addition IKEA PLATSA cupboard in birch plywood, by Hilde

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2 minutes

You can easily realize your DIY project yourself with cut-to-size sheet material. It helps you to make your existing furniture completely to your liking. Like in this project by Hilde. She has personalized her IKEA platsa cupboards to her own taste. This is how a beautiful custom piece of furniture was created!

Description by Hilde

An addition to the IKEA platsa cupboard by filling the empty space with a compartment and a plate on top so that it is also a bench.

How I made this project

1. Measured how large the empty space was between the cabinets and shelves ordered. The thickness of the planks (18mm) is deducted from the desired height.
2. Drilled holes in the 4 planks for the compartment and screwed the planks together to form a compartment. Then screwed it onto Ikea feet at the bottom so that it is the same height as the rest of the cabinet
3. Placed the largest plank on top and secured it with 3 small nails. Now it fills up the extra space that was left and the cupboard fits perfectly in the space

Dimensions of my DIY project

Box is 35.3 cm wide
40.0 cm high
42.0 cm deep
Seat is 115.5 cm wide and 42.0 cm deep

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How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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