Bookshelf and desk holder birch plywood, by Karin

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For our workplace we wanted shelves for storing books, etc. Because we have a sit-stand desk, we chose to hang the shelves next to the desk instead of above it. I bought shelf holders at Ikea. I don't like the matching shelves, so I ordered custom shelves from multiplex poplar. Finally, I made a desk holder for the desk.

Custom bookshelf and desk holder

The shelves are very easy to attach thanks to the shelf brackets. I assembled the desk holder using wood glue. I put everything together securely using glue clamps. You could also make dividers in the tank, but I didn't choose that. I sanded the wood well, but did not finish it with stain or varnish or the like because the wood will not be used very intensively.

The dimensions of the project

The planks are 90.0 cm by 20.0 cm.
The desk holder is 90.0 cm high, 16.2 cm high and 10.4 deep.

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