Children's books / play cabinet made by Koen

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We wanted to make a bookcase with only wood connections. So no further screws. Chosen for Poplar Plywood 18mm because it is light, easy to process and yet very strong. Made a construction drawing and calculated the correct dimensions for all planks. Picked up the shelves and was helped with loading. Made the slots with a router so that all planks fit neatly. This connection is already very strong and with a little wood glue everything becomes very strong. The side, bottom and top are fixed with dowel joints and glue. The inner shelves are finished with a transparent furniture lacquer and the outer white shelves with a high-gloss lacquer. The back wall is made of Multiplex Poplar 9mm and provided with a wallpaper. The bottom compartments are precisely tailored for Ikea felt baskets.

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