Chimney conversion from MDF and spruce beams

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2 minutes


I made a chimney conversion for an old chimney that has been closed. Purely for decoration and to set something up and because it fits perfectly with the house.

How did you make the mantelpiece?

After some searching on Pinterest I found an example that I really liked. I made a drawing of this and started measuring how much wood I needed exactly. I preferred not to saw myself, so I tried to measure everything exactly, so that I could order all the wood to size. In the end made a mistake, so I unfortunately still had to saw a number of slats myself. But that was another good lesson. After the wood was inside I first put the plates together to get the shape. Afterwards I could have done it better in 2 parts, now it was quite difficult to glue the wooden slats on it because at some points there was no glue clamp. With old books we succeeded in pushing everything well and allowing it to dry. She also acted as a support where necessary. After the slats were glued in the right place, I put the decorative slat on top. Then applied the first layer of primer and afterwards some imperfections were eliminated and painted again and finished with the last coat. I am still looking for a nice fitting top plate and maybe a decorative fireplace for it.

What are the outside dimensions?

The outer dimensions are 127.0 x 50.0 cm

How next?

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