Corner desk in triangle shape from MDF Blank, by Arnoud

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Working from home again, for how long? Then invest time in a good spacious workplace. A corner desk in an attic room in a farmhouse. MDF and had the corner neatly sawn at Have the edge milled around. Quite a job to realize but now a fantastic workplace.

Custom corner desk

1. Removed old desk 2. Installed new shelf. Height determined by sitting properly on the desk chair and making the shelf the height of the armrests. 3. Holes made for the electricity 4. Saturate the edges of the MDF by greasing it well with wood glue and water 4. Prime with MDF primer, apply with a brush and roll out with a roller 5. Fill, fill all screw holes neatly. 6. Seal the seams in the MDF and the edges with the walls before painting. 7. Topcoat 2x

The outside dimensions of the desk

122,0 x 170,0 cm

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