Custom country oak table, by Maup

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Hi My name is Maup, I am 14 years old. I have 2 passions that is; skateboarding and making things from wood. I already started with the latter when I was 5 years old. I now make commissioned furniture. This time I made a round table out of oak for my grandmother. Beforehand I first made a 3-D design with exactly the right dimensions, so that everything is correct during the making process (see photos). Because my glue clamps weren't long enough, I ordered the round table top and an intermediate slat from I am very satisfied with the quality of this oak table top and the good service from! I made the entire frame of the table myself from oak. For this I used an 18 cm wide oak beam and sawn to 7 cm wide beams. I did this with my own plunge saw that I saved myself together with furniture that I make for other people. I also made oak plugs myself, so that the screws are no longer visible. Now I am saving for a milling machine. I will save this together with my next assignment; a bunk bed for my niece and nephew. I can save money from my photos and this story for new tools. I really enjoyed sharing this with you and I am curious what you think of my oak table!

Round table made of solid oak

Firstly, I listened to the wishes of my client, my grandmother. Then I went to her house and measured everything. Then I made a 3-D design on my IPad. I did this in the program shaper 3-D. Then I invested what it would cost and discussed this with my client, my grandmother. After her approval, I purchased the materials / supplies. Then I started using my construction drawing.

The dimensions of the table

85.0cm do diameter table top, thickness 4.0cm. Height 73.0 cm. Width 62.0 cm.

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