Custom storage space with doors under a sloping roof, by Mike

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Practical custom storage space by Mike

Do you ever think about making optimal use of the space in your home? Mike completed an inspiring DIY project where he created a custom storage space with doors under a sloping roof. With the help of, he sawed the wood exactly to size, using MDF Primed of 18 mm thickness.

Construction and unique features

The frame of the storage space, made of MDF, was placed under the sloping roof in an ingenious way and with attention to miter cutting. The bright white doors give the whole a fresh and modern look. The custom-sawn panels fit seamlessly and provide a streamlined look that fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the room.

The perfect place in the home

This custom project by Mike finds its place in a spacious bedroom, where it is a practical and elegant addition under the window. The storage space blends into the room and offers added value both visually and functionally. The sleek design and light color enhance the spacious feeling and the large amount of storage space makes it a practical addition.

Benefits of making it yourself

Making this extra storage space yourself has many advantages with him. This gives you the freedom to adjust the dimensions and material completely to your own preference and needs, allowing you to make optimal use of the available space. Moreover, such a DIY project offers the opportunity to save on costs, since you roll up your sleeves yourself.

The style of the project

Mike's project can best be described as minimalist and modern. The clean lines and simple design provide a timeless appearance that effortlessly integrates with different interior styles. This makes it a versatile choice for anyone who values ​​both functionality and aesthetics.

Advantages of Primed MDF

The choice of Primed MDF 18 mm as the material for this project was not made lightly . This type of wood is known for its smooth surface, which is ideal for a paint-ready finish. In addition, Primed MDF is easy to work with and has a consistent quality, making it ideal for precise custom work like this.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Mike's saw list and complete your order easily.

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