DIY: container for a homemade Bakfiets / cargo bike, by Zoltan

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My homemade cargo bike had to get a nice box. Strong 9.0 mm plywood with a water-resistant vandal-proof layer, so concrete plywood! And the bottom plate is still anti-slip, just as safe.

DIY: realize a container for a cargo bike

The bottom plate was the basis, a few corners were still visible until it lays nicely. Then mount the backrest at an angle of 10 degrees. Similarly make the front panel on the front beam of the bicycle frame. Then the sides, all I really had to do was saw off the bevel. It showed itself nicely after trial assembly. Then drill many holes and mount with seat corners and m6 carriage bolts and adjusting bolts. You have to finish the open edges of the betonplex I used rambo armor paint, 3 layers, colorless.

Bake accurately to size

The tank is 60.0 cm wide, the bottom 80.0 cm long and about a meter from the top. Height container 50.0 cm

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