DIY Desk from Plywood Birch, by Mieke

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This 160.0 cm X 55.0 cm desk table will be used on our multipurpose room. Due to the increasing teleworking, we need more corners in the house where we can work from home in peace and space. Material used: berken multiplex 30mm and legs of the TIPTOE brand

DIY wooden table top with playful legs

The beautiful wooden plate of birch plywood was delivered to size by and neatly sawn straight. We are not handy handymen ourselves, but fortunately we discover the legs of TIPTOE. These legs work very easily without screws or drilling, so that we can order a different size of table top in the long term and get a completely different table. Now that we have discovered this, there will be many DIY projects with wood from :-)

The dimensions of the desk

160,0 cm X 55,0 cm

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