DIY Laundry and storage space sloping wall in the attic, by Edwin

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2 minutes

Description by Edwin

I created storage space and built-in laundry baskets with MDF in the sloping wall in the front attic. I made a conversion for the washing machine and dryer against the MDF panels, where the laundry can be folded. The doors of the laundry baskets are attached with hinges to the wooden frame and on the inside of the door I made a platform on which the laundry basket sits. All three doors open the same width because they are secured with a cable. The doors of the storage space are held in place by means of magnetic snappers, through the hole at the bottom of the door they can be easily removed so that you can access your things.

How I made this project have

First of all, I made a wooden frame from the last crossbeam to the ground. I then placed the first order of MDF to make the laundry baskets, among other things. From there I continued measuring and based on that, I placed the second order of MDF. I deliberately did not measure and order everything at once, so that I knew for sure after placing the first part that the dimensions of the second part were known. The third and final order was the slat above the laundry baskets and the conversion of the washer / dryer. Of course everything had to be painted after installation with RAL9016

Dimensions of my DIY project

Long wall: 428.2 x 92.5 (lxh) Short wall: 139 x 102 (lxh) ) Conversion: 160 x 87.5 x 72 (lxhxd)

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