Homemade cupboard wall with TV and fireplace, by Anja

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Cupboard with TV and fireplace. To replace the current television furniture. Everything started as a sketch in a 3d package. All white parts are made from MDF . The shelves are base pine with a stain and all doors and spots come from Ikea.

Closet wall with built-in TV and fireplace

Sketches and construction drawings made in a 3D package. In the base, a construction was first assembled, which was pre-drilled and screwed. The panels in view sit over it and are screwed in from the rear for a blind mounting. Then it's filling and painting. In this case, the planks are hollow on the inside so that there is room to hide the wires. Behind the fireplace and television is a cove for the cables.

Custom closet wall

420,0 cm x 267,0 cm

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