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Product information

  • Warps less than solid wooden planks
  • Can be used anywhere due to neutral wood look
  • Excellent for making furniture
  • To be finished with a lacquer or stain
  • This wood warps: planks can warp


Dark pine has a light colour in which the knots and flames are strikingly present. It is a solid wood board, which gives it a natural and robust appearance. Because of its natural appearance and grain, it is often used as a basis for an interior furniture piece. A classic, if you like the Scandinavian interior style.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)630
Visual gradingA/B
Thickness18 mm, 28 mm, 40 mm
Type Timberboards
VariantTimberboard Pine dark
Application (climate)Indoors
Base / Wood typeDark Pine
Application (general)Constructive, Decorative
BondingMR, Interior
Quality markFSC® mix 70%
Sheet structureContinuous slats
Top layer typeSolid
Top layerTo the core

Order cut-to-size timberboard pine sheets online

Easily order cut-to-size timberboard pine dark sheets online. Solid timber panels can be cut or milled to size into various shapes. The most commonly chosen shape is a rectangle, but we also mill circles, ovals, hexagons or even parallelograms for you. Do you want to have your do-it-yourself project neatly finished? Then choose one of the available (edge) finishes.

Solid dark pine timberboard: what is it?

Timberboard pine dark is mainly used to make indoor furniture. It is a solid wooden board with a warm and natural look. Pinewood has a light colour in which the knots and flames are strikingly present. Because of its natural appearance and grain pattern, it is often used as a basis for an interior furniture. A classic, if you like the Scandinavian interior style. Compared to other solid wooden boards in our range, pine is relatively colourfast. Just like any other solid wood species, pine warps due to temperature differences and in humid conditions. Therefore, make sure the wood is properly finished before use.

Wood can be divided into the categories of hardwood and soft wood. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees and softwood from coniferous trees. Pinewood is a light-coloured coniferous species. Coniferous wood, or softwood, is relatively less strong than hardwood. However, softwood is easier to machine than hardwood and can therefore be used in many places.

The dark pine timberboards in our range are of high quality. This can be deduced from the visual grading. The visual grading is indicated by letters, often a combination of two letters with a separator between them. This can be found in the product name or the product properties. The first letter represents the top of the sheet, the second for the bottom or backside. A/B thus describes the top and bottom of the sheet. A is the best visual grading a wood species can have, with the sheet being almost knotless. The underside has visual grading B, which means that the underside can have a somewhat coarser appearance.

To achieve a solid dark pine panel, small planks are cut from the wood (slats), these are then glued through. This means that the slats are glued together with a flat side, without a specific joiner. To make a larger-sized board, several slats are glued together to make one large board. This results in a long and wide sheet consisting of several slats.

The result is a solid wooden sheet that is visibly composed of several small slats. These slats run in the longitudinal direction of the sheet. Keep in mind that no slat has the same appearance. The wood structure and colour of each slat is unique and can therefore also deviate from the image. Our solid sheets are interior bonded, which means that the material can only be used indoors.

The direction of the wood grain

Timberboard has a visible wood grain. The wood grain pattern always runs in the longitudinal direction. When sawing the sheet, we maintain that the longitudinal dimension is also the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. So be careful when filling in the measurements, so that the flames of the wood grain all run in the right direction!

Quality grading with timberboard

Timberboard comes in different qualities. This does not mean that the sheet is more or less strong, it indicates the quality of the appearance of the sheet . The quality can be found in the product properties. More information about the visual grading below.

Lumber Quality Indication
AUniform colour. No knots and no heartwood allowed.
BSmall colour nuances permitted. Tassels and heartwood may be present.
CLarge colour nuances permissible. Tassels and heartwood are present.

Read here more about the quality of timberboards.

Available thicknesses of timberboard pine dark

The available thicknesses can be easily selected via the product configurator. We have the following thickness(es) available: 18 mm, 28 mm and 40 mm.

Machining timberboard pine dark

Always sand solid wooden sheets with a fine grain before you start working with it. The sanding of pine timberboard provides a beautiful end result, so the details of the grain pattern stand out even more. Which benefits the robust, cool sheet. If you want to saw or mill the material, keep in mind that it may splinter. Finally, we recommend that only stainless steel is used for bonding with metal to prevent discolouration on the wood.

After the sheet has been sanded, it is important to treat the dark pine timberboard well with a lacquer, stain or oil. 

Specific applications of timberboard pine dark

The high quality dark pine that we supply makes it perfect for making tables, desks, bookcases or, for example, wall shelves. When pinewood is used in rooms with high temperatures, there is a risk of cracks and the material can discolour under a lot of daylight. Pine is not durable, so it is not recommended to use these boards outdoors.

Alternatives to dark pine timberboard

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