IKEA BESTA TV cabinet, plywood conversion

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2 minutes


Extra long housing made of poplar plywood for the IKEA BESTA cabinet (TV cabinet) with a length of 360.0 cm and a depth of 65.0 cm.

How did you make your furniture?

As a basis we used 2 BESTA TV furniture, each with a length of 180.0 cm. We made the cabinet deeper (65.0 cm, BESTA is 40.0 cm) so that we immediately created a housing for a radiator. It is an easy job in itself, but the implementation took quite some time. How did we do it:

  1. Lay the bottom plywood boards on the floor.
  2. Place BESTA cabinets on top and then assemble BESTA cabinets.
  3. Mark in BESTA cabinets where the screws should be in order to screw them to the plywood.
  4. Drill countersink holes (so that you do not have annoyingly protruding screws in your cabinet).
  5. Align a plywood side with top / bottom plywood sheet.
  6. Fasten the plywood panels from the side and above.
  7. Turn the cabinet over to attach the bottom and the legs (given the large size of the cabinet, you have to think carefully about how to turn this over, it is not only heavy, but the cabinet also bends easily due to its length).
  8. screw the bottom to the exist and screw the legs to the bottom.
  9. because we made an extra deep cupboard, we also mounted some support beams between the plywood bottom and top against possibly. sag.
  10. In addition to the recess for the radiator, we also made a recess in the bottom to allow cables to be pulled into the cabinet.
  11. putting the cabinet back on its legs was also a bit difficult because we were afraid that the legs would break off when turned. That is why we let the cabinet roll on its legs over 10 cm thick beams (after we had pasted felts under the legs).
  12. We then pushed the cupboard into place on some cardboard and fleece blankets.
  13. The whole then finished with a primer and a natural / transparent lacquer.

What are the measurements?

The dimensions are 360.0 by 65.0 cm.

How next?

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