IKEA hack SMÅSTAD: children's desk with Multiplex birches! By Jeffrey

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We have transformed a simple IKEA furniture into a beautiful piece of furniture with storage space and a desk to sit at. We used 27mm Birch plywood.

Upgrading Ikea furniture with Multiplex

Ikea SMÅSTAD. With 27mm birch plywood cut to size, this piece of furniture is easy to assemble with a few screws. The SMÅSTAD furniture is quite simple in itself and in this way super nice with the beautiful wood and the leather handles. When you align the top on the top of the furniture, you can screw it together from the inside. You also do this with both sides. The board that is behind as reinforcement is screwed from the inside and the outside. I screwed the mitered corners extra tight from the outside to make the corner even tighter. As a finish, we are going to put the furniture in the clear lacquer to protect the wood and to make the drawings in the wood even more visible.

The dimensions of the furniture

L 155,0 x B 52,0 x H 51,5 cm

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