IKEA pimped - Metod custom size wall cabinet, by Ludwig

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Ludwig shows how he made a wall cupboard. He used the IKEA method cupboards as a basis. And ordered the fronts made to measure online. Here he chose plywood made from Finnish spruce. The result is a beautiful and cleverly designed wall cupboard.

Description from Ludwig

A wall cupboard was to be placed in a 3.50 m long niche in the hallway. The solution was a combination of METOD cupboard elements from IKEA and precisely cut fronts made from spruce plywood.

How I made this project

For this I mounted - as usual - 4 (some used) Metod bodies measuring w 80 x h 60 and next to them one measuring w 30 x h 60. The "Detector" An app for my iPhone helped me to find electrical cables before drilling (there were quite a few!). The fronts had to be foldable - but the IKEA fronts were too heavy for the UTUSTRA folding hinges (only fronts up to w 80 x h 40 are actually intended for this). So I extrapolated the surface weight to the large front from the detailed information on the lightest IKEA front of this size and used this to search for a suitable - attractive and inexpensive - material. I found what I was looking for online: Finnish spruce plywood with a thickness of 15 mm. The cutting dimensions were calculated from the available panel dimensions with minimal loss. The first three fronts were sawn from one panel and therefore produce a beautiful, continuous veneer pattern. The last front in the row (it spans 80+30 cm) was also sawn from one panel with very little waste. All fronts have a small bevel on the long sides of the front and were delivered free of charge. Attaching it was child's play with the drilling template and the UTUSTRA hinge accessories and assembly and fine adjustment were quickly completed. E voilà! The custom sized IKEA wall cabinet with fronts in Finnish spruce is ready.

Dimensions of my DIY project

350.0 x 60.0 x 40.0 cm

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How next?

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