Innovative construction of 2 benches with storage space for the ambience of a guest room, by Dino

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Very easy

3 minutes

Functional elegance for the guest room

When it comes to designing your guest room, this DIY project is the right choice for you. Find out how Dino not only creates space but also creates a piece of modern design by building two benches with integrated storage space.

Concept and design of the benches

This project involves building two sturdy benches that are both visually appealing and practical. Made from high-quality screen-printed panels from that have been precisely cut to size, every inch of the available space has been used optimally. The classic black benches fit perfectly into the existing interior and also serve as practical storage space.

Details that make the difference

The benches have been designed with attention to detail. To underline the modern look, the edges of the benches have been accentuated with a white ribbon, which provides an interesting contrast to the dark wood. The lids of the chests stand out with a simple design and can be easily opened to give access to the storage space inside.

The perfect addition to the dining room

Placed against the wall, the benches take up little space while providing ample seating. These space-saving pieces of furniture are particularly ideal for the dining room as they create a warm and inviting atmosphere and offer practical storage options for everything from menus to table linen.

Individual adjustments and cost-effectiveness

The big advantage of such a DIY project is the individual adjustment. You decide on the dimensions and materials yourself and can therefore create a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in your dining room and at the same time is easy on the budget. The choice of materials from makes it possible to achieve a high-quality result that is still economical.

Style and finesse

The minimalist style of the benches with storage space is modern and timeless. It fits perfectly with a variety of interior designs and stands out from traditional seating due to its simplicity and functionality.

The advantages of the birch screen-printed board

Dino chose the anti-slip birch screen-printed board in various thicknesses - 18 mm, 15 mm and 21 mm - for the benches. These types of wood are known for their stability and durability, which are particularly important for a sustainable piece of furniture.

Birch is not only an aesthetically pleasing material, but also offers the security of a non-slip surface. This is particularly valuable in the catering sector, where safety and reliability are of paramount importance.

Compact, versatile and economical - Dino's project shows that functionality and design can harmonize perfectly.

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