Make your own washing machine conversion from underlayment, by Helene

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We have made both desks, a washing machine housing and a laundry basket from the spruce wood! Delivered in the morning and in the evening everything was together!

Make your own washing machine conversion

While waiting for the dormer windows, I got a lot of ideas through Pinterest. After placing the decision, I took the plunge underlayment to make the cabinets easy. I did not make real working drawings, a rough sketch of what I wanted to make, measure the openings and order. Delivered within a few days. Due to the good size, DIY is actually a breeze! And luckily it all worked out without really good drawings!

A custom washing machine conversion

The washing machine cabinet is 140.0 by 85.0. The laundry basket is 87.0 by 95.0 and the desk is 150.0 long and has a 180.0 high side wall against the cupboard!

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