Making home workplaces: oak desks for children's rooms, by Robertus

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Very easy

1 minuut

Tailor oak desks

Made two wall mounted desks. Handy now that the children are becoming teenagers and we are working from home and studying more. With a beautiful 26mm Oak A / B Finger-welded panels and spruce beams from, it was actually a piece of cake.

Create workplaces yourself

Eiken panelen ordered from Start by degreasing with ammonia or natural vinegar. Then sand. 2x lacquering with colorless lacquer. Use good brushes to prevent hairs in your paint. First of all screw the spruce beams to the wall at a height of 72.0 cm (above size). Then mount the 3 desk posts of the Karwei (72.0 cm) at the bottom of the panels. One must be exactly in the middle between the 2 parts. Finally, screw the bottom of the panels to the spruce beams. (take into account the thickness of the spruce beam and oak top when choosing the length of the screw!).

Make your own desk

230.0 cm long by 70.0 cm wide and 120.0 by 70.0 cm right. 26mm thick is very beautiful. The panels are rounded 2mm. You could also take 4mm, here a photo on the site would have been useful.

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