Making MDF storage cabinets on wheels, by Pascal

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In the attic room under the pitched roof, I made mobile storage cupboards, so that you have less lost space and if you pull the cupboard forward, you can more easily access your belongings.

Create space winners under a sloping roof yourself

First made the bottom with the wheels, then assembled the cabinets and finally screwed the cabinets to the bottom. Everything is put together with wood glue and screws. I had to reinforce it a bit with a number of slats because the planks I ordered are 12 mm thick. Tip: It would go better with plates of 18 mm or 22 mm thick. I am going to make the other side of the attic with 18 mm thick plates.

Tailor-made space saver

The outer dimensions of the cabinets are 2x 1100x1320x830 mm and 1x 800x1320x830 mm

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