CD rack under a sloping roof of OSB 3, by Ivo

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Within the wooden beam construction of my cube house I made a division for storing CDs or cassettes in two recesses. The wooden OSB3 planks coincide at the top with the top of the beams, so that the rack fits exactly inside the recess.

DIY: CD rek

I live in a wooden cube house (architect Piet Blom, 1978) where no normal furniture fits because hardly any wall is straight. Still, I need storage space. That means that you actually have to make everything yourself, or have it made. I'm not that handy and I'm also quite a perfectionist. Luckily I discovered The beam construction of the cube fits a rack 50.5 cm wide and 112.0 cm high. The triangular field next to it is 124.0 cm wide at the base and 104.0 cm high. Within the framework of the very regular and precise wooden beam construction, I have filled in two compartments with shelves for a CD or cassette rack. The planks are loose in the construction that slopes backwards; shelves and back walls are glued together two by two.

Custom CD rack

50.5 x 112.0 cm (rectangle) + 124.0 x 104.0 cm (triangle)

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