Mobile MDF Lego / play boards, by Peter

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Very easy

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Do you want to neatly store the children's toys without having to break them down? It's possible with these super practical MDF panels! Screwing wheels under the panels makes them mobile and makes it very easy to clean up! 

Mobile MDF Lego / play plates, by Peter

Mobile MDF Lego / play plates to build on and clean up neatly at the end of the day by putting them away drive under the bed.

How I made this project

First had 4 boards in black/gray MDF of 18 mm thick cut into different sizes by Ordered wheels online with a diameter of 40 mm. These were then simply screwed under the plates with 15 mm long screws. We did not have to paint the panels because they already had a nice basic color and a neat finish is not really necessary for the intended use. But we may do that at a later date. What we may do in the future is connect the records with each other with magnets to make one large playing record from a number of smaller records.

Dimensions of my DIY project

  1. 90.0 cm x 65.0 cm (2x) 18 mm thick
  2. 75.0 cm x 65.0 cm (2x) 18 mm thick

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