Multifunctional home workplace made with MDF primed, by Hans

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Due to the many working from home, the need for a flexible home workplace arose. We don't have much space, so everything had to be built in to size. Including the dog! With the beautiful planks, cut to size, a nice, quiet place has been created that fits in with the rest of the living room. Now at Christmas, it has been renamed a Christmas village: completely multifunctional.

A good working day starts with a nice workplace!

First we looked at what fits best in the rest of the living room decor. The wish was that when the desk is not in use, there would be a quiet whole on which, for example, plants etc. could be placed. Also must was that the dog's crate "would be somewhat out of sight". Then it all looks less messy. When everything was cut to size inside, it only had to be assembled. Very handy..

The dimensions of the desktop

Length of the top (including the adjustable desk) 238.0 centimeters.

How next?

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