Rollable formwork for the storage of roller skates, by Joris

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A storage module on wheels for the storage of roller skates, which are used during events and workshops. I designed and built this furniture myself. The skates are at a slight angle of 5 degrees and are held in place by a small beam. The cabinets are attached to each other with three hinges. The hinges allow the cabinet to open like a flight case, allowing the skaters to grab their roller skates and swap them with their shoes. When the cabinet is closed, the skates can be easily transported.

Work description: how did you realize your project

  1. The underlayment first sanded completely with coarse and then fine sandpaper.
  2. After sanding and cleaning, all planks were put together and separate modules were made. First all the shelves and later the housing.
  3. I marked all screw holes with a pencil.
Furthermore, the housing is glued, but the shelves are only screwed so that they can still be repaired if necessary. I chiseled the hinges out of the long sides so that the cabinet can be opened completely. Finally, the wheels were screwed underneath and then everything painted so that the cabinet is firmly put together.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Closed: height 165.0 cm width 90.0 cm depth 80.0 cm Open: height 165.0 cm width 180.0 cm depth 40.0 cm

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