Room divider and wall cupboard for the stairwell, by Jolien

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Wall cupboard for separating the stairs, due to drafts in the living room. The cupboard immediately provides extra storage space. This storage space is neatly behind the doors, nicely out of sight. Yet there is also room to show something.

Work description: how did you realize your project

The white cabinets come from Ikea.
The bottom are the Stuva and the top Besta.
The doors are also from Ikea, Folja.

We have the Max. taken overall width, this is slightly wider than the staircase is deep so that the cupboard is flush with the kitchen wall and thus a niche is created where the staircase begins. By first drawing everything to scale, we knew at what height we wanted the intermediate shelves.

Our project is not completely finished yet, there will be another lamp in the top niche, so the top shelf is still loose on it. We also do not yet know which color or stain we want to do the wood.

The sizes of the cabinet

Height in total 268.0 cm
Width 166.0 cm
Depth bottom part 50.0 cm / Top part 40.0 cm

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