Storage cabinet of MDF blank with mobile wheels, by Bram

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2 minutes


We wanted a cupboard (chest bench), with 4 bins of about 40.0 cm wide. We could only find these from vtwonen, so decided to give it a try ourselves. The planks were delivered by appointment and are perfectly tailored. We have mdf , which means that you have to prime the planks. Yesterday we spent 3.5 hours assembling the cabinet, but we are very happy with it and proud of it! Toys can be placed in the bins, you can easily remove the bin and then store it smoothly again. We expect to have a lot of fun with this cabinet! Photo 1 the end result Photo 2 the inspiration (we didn't think it was wide enough) Photo 3 the shelves on arrival Photo 4 the bins Photo 5 the bins with cupboard Photo 6 the bins in the cupboard Photo 7 the bins with handle Photo 8 the cupboard on its side a place

Custom DIY storage cabinet

We first primed all the planks, then sorted all the planks by size. Since we have 4 the same bins, the first bin is a bit of a puzzle and then it goes more and more smoothly. The cabinet itself went very smoothly, we measured the middle shelf exactly so that it is well in the middle. Before we painted it, we drilled the holes for the handles. After assembling, we varnished it and put the handles on it.

The dimensions of the cabinet

166.7 cm wide, 50.0 cm deep and 50.0 cm high

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