Storage cabinets under the boiler, by Nicky

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In this project, two cabinets have been installed that will be placed in front of the boiler. Kitchen utensils and other items can be concealed in these cabinets. A place has also been made between the two cabinets where the ironing board can be put away. Most of the pipes are also covered directly with these cabinets.

Storage cabinets made of MDF blank

First I varnished all MDF panels. For the short sides I used a pore filler, so that they do not absorb the paint too hard. When the panels were all dry, I first nailed the cabinets, this to be able to work more smoothly. Then I pre-drilled and screwed them on. By nailing them, they stay in place better and the work is easy to do alone. Before the side walls were attached, I first made the holes for the shelf supports, because this is easier to do when the panel is in place. I then sawed recesses for the pipes from the 'closet' for the ironing board. That way I could easily slide it over this. Finally I drilled the hinge holes and attached the mounting plates. Afterwards I put simple handles on the doors and it was done!

Custom storage cabinets

94.6 cm wide x 95.0 cm high

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