Strong and practical custom tabletop, by Wouter

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Designed a new table for the canteen. A nice thick top of 40 mm birch plywood has been used here.

Make your own table top

When my customer asked me if I could design a new table for his canteen, I quickly ended up at To find a suitable table top for this and also sawn to size! We were looking for a nice, sturdy and thick wooden for the table. Then I went to look at the different options at and ended up with 40mm dik berken multiplex . I chose multiplex berken because I really like the visible plywood veneers and know that plywood is both very strong and less effective than solid wood. To give the top even more detail, the corners have been rounded with a radius of 5.0 cm and the edges at the bottom have been rounded with a radius of 10 mm. To give the leaf a darker color I rubbed dark walnut lacquer with a sponge. Then a logo was sprayed on and coated with a glossy clear yacht lacquer. A base has been designed that matches the color and thickness of the top.

Customize table

200.0 cm long, 100.0 cm wide and 40 mm thick

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