Underlayment record cabinet, by Frans

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A record cabinet that matches the desk I made earlier. I wanted the record player out of sight, but within reach, and a way to easily reach the records. I also wanted to have some extra storage space.

DIY: cabinet for records

I started out with really wild plans and a blank sheet of graph paper. As I drew, the design got easier and simpler, until I got to the essence of what I needed. I sanded the delivered planks myself and drilled holes for handles and cables. Then it was a matter of gluing and screwing together and placing the wheels and hinges. I had miscalculated the size of the drawer with plates, here I had to saw off about ten centimeters. I used the wood that I had left over to strengthen the record tray, since a lot of weight will be added to it.

Custom made record cabinet

80,0 x 41.5 x 75,0 cm.

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