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Product information

  • Moisture resistant
  • Suitable for damp rooms indoors
  • Hard and smooth surface
  • Very strong
  • Can be used several times
  • The edges of the board and any drill holes must be adequately protected against the penetration of moisture.
  • Less suitable for outdoor applications
  • The wood layer can differ in colour per board
  • Sensitive to scratches
  • Only suitable for constructive purposes
  • The top layer can vary in colour per board
  • Can warp


Plywood birch is externally bonded and is known to be very flat. It consists of birch plywood with a melamine layer on the top and bottom, which makes the sheet suitable for many applications. You choose plywood birch white if you are going to make furniture that you don't want to finish. Do pay attention to the sheet edges, these must be treated if used in humid conditions.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)715
AppearanceSilk gloss
Thickness12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 9 mm
Type Plywood
VariantPlywood Birch white
Application (climate)Outside, if pre-treated
Base / Wood typeBirch
Application (general)Constructive, Decorative
BondingWBP, Exterior
Quality markFSC® mix 70%
Top layer typeMelamine layer
Top layer2 sides

Order cut-to-size plywood birch white sheets online

Plywood birch white is a strong sheet material with a sleek, white melamine top layer. This Plywood sheet material is suitable for visual applications and a commonly chosen wood type for making furniture due to its sleek birch edges. Order plywood birch white to size, sawn or milled with millimetre accuracy. Various shapes and finishes are available per thickness. Take a look at all the possibilities in the product configurator.

Plywood birch white: what is it?

Plywood birch white is known to be very flat. The white melamine top layer together with the birch core makes this a popular sheet material. Plywood birch is a strong and smooth wood species. The various thin birch veneer layers are glued together crosswise, which makes the sheet extra strong. In addition, the exterior layers are glued together, allowing this sheet material to be used in humid areas. However, it is necessary to finish the unprotected edges with an edge sealer. Furthermore, this sheet material can easily be wiped down with a cloth.

Available thicknesses of plywood birch white

Plywood birch white is available in various thicknesses. Easily click the desired thickness while configuring the product. We have the following custom options available: 6.5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm

Machining plywood birch white sheets

It is easy to process, and the layers are alternating. Plywood birch white is characterized by its strength and moisture resistance. The material is suitable for humid areas both indoors and outdoors. When the sheet is used in humid areas, it is important to countersink the edges and (screw) holes (at least 2 mm) and finish them well. This way, the sheet lasts extra long! In addition, the edges need extra attention and should be properly finished with an edge sealer. The top layer requires no further post-treatment. Birch can splinter during assembly. Use sharp tools and preferably screw at least 2.0 cm from the edges.

Specific applications of plywood birch white

Because the plastic layer is strong, it is a commonly used wood type for making furniture. Because of its white colour, plywood birch white is also widely used as an information board, in stand construction or for applications where a hygienic surface is desired.

Alternatives of white plywood birch

Is plywood birch white not the right panel for your job? Then go for multiplex okoumé, primed or unfinished. These boards are even more resistant to moisture. Prefer a visible wood grain? Then go for onafgewerkt berken multiplex. View our other types of plywood here.

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